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Organization founded in 1997. Its aim is to promote marine environmental protection not only from threats coming from ship based sources, but also land based sources. At the beginning it was focused on the Panamanian territory only, but due to the geographical position as a maritime route for trade, and also the cargo handling as part of the shipping activities, regional and global aspects are being considered given their effects at local levels.

The maritime trade represents the main activity affecting the marine environment. Therefore, the supervision and control of maritime safety procedures onboard ships have been considered as preventive measures. It looks for protection of areas close to those where shipping activities are concentrated along the coast. Under this concept, the environmental conservation aspects are closely linked to such dealing with the maritime safety, both being fundamental parts of our name: ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AND MARITIME SAFETY.

Actually, the environmental conservationís aspects are not only focused on shipping activities, but also on those that coming from land affect the marine environment, whether it is directly or not.


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